Not a Sad Post

This is not going to be a sad post. I won’t talk about how much I miss you. How much it sucks that we are not talking. No this will not be one of those. I want to talk about the good feelings, how you made me so happy with just being able to talk to you.

When I first met you, I remember how shy you were and I had to fight to like just get you to open up. I am really glad you did. I loved learning about you and just being able to get to know your dreams and aspirations.

We talked about our interests and I realized how much I just enjoyed talking to you about things I liked and as I opened up you did as well. I was happy that you would stay up with me until four in the morning, obviously we had awkward pauses but we we’re able to just start a new conversation with little hesitation.

Then I told you I liked you, I was scared at first, but you told me you liked me too. The best momentĀ for me was how you we’re happy that I told you because you wouldn’t have said anything.

That first moment I saw you in real life was when I realized how much I cared. I saw you and everything was just clearer. I was happy because even in person we still had great conversations. That’s all I wanted was to be able to talk to you and ask you about your life, about your dreams and your nightmares. I learned so much about you and I am happy I did because I learned how amazing you we’re.

Now this is not a sad post, I will not talk about how it ended, just about how happy I was to meet you.


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