This is the Sad Post

Everything came crashing down. It started slowly even before I realized it was crashing down the signs were there.

The first five days I was a wreck, I  didn’t know how to handle myself. I stressed every night wether I should message you or not. I already double texted you and nothing but I knew you were busy and didn’t want to seem clingy.

I messaged you on the fifth night and everything to my knowledge was back to normal but then suddenly you stopped. With that my overthinking got the best of me and I knew I was going to worry about how much I annoyed you or how I weirded you out.

The cycle continued over the next few days. I would stress about messaging you, message you, than you would stop and repeat.

After that I asked you if everything was okay, if you were busy or if something was going on…

You said you were okay that I didn’t freak you and that you have just been busy.


I was okay for a bit but than it just became the same, and I didn’t know what to do. Do I stop and not show emotions or do I be clingy and seem like I’m too attached.

I realized I was hurting myself more by just letting it be how it was. It hurt so much to push you away and I still cry because every night I want to message you and I can’t. I know I can’t do that to you that I would rather be sad than make you do something that you don’t want to do. People tell me that it wasn’t my fault but I know it was. I am way too clingy and have attachment issues but for some reason its only with you.


I miss you but I know you are way better off without me and my clingy self to worry about.


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