asdkfjas;dlfjaks;dlfj (Feelings)

I hope it was nice to meet me. I wonder what feelings you get when I run through your mind, or what you might tell someone when you describe me.

As you can see I still think about you, I mean here I am writing about you at crazy hours. They are mostly positive thoughts, I mean all I had was good times and amazing conversations.

No, I do hope you’re doing amazing, I want to ask you if you did that one thing you wanted to do that one time you told me. That’s mostly what I think about is how you are doing making sure you’re okay in the position you are in your life.

I think writing about this helps me cause I get a bit less sad and realize that you’re probably so happy, but I know that I have every right to be sad and I made a decision a long time ago to not apologize for how I feel.

This post was all over the place but that’s how my mind is at the moment, I still feel every feeling imaginable when I think of you, whew.


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